Welcome to EMSA Mill Woods!

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Mill Woods Soccer is part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and as such is dedicated to the development of youth soccer.

We are proud to be able to provide soccer programs for all ages and skill levels including our Premier Tier 1, 2, 3 Club, “SELECTS FC”.

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February is Outdoor Registration!

Registration for the Outdoor 2015 season will open February 1st. February is Soccer registration month!

Calling All 1998 Keepers!

Our MW Selects FC Team (1998 Boys) is looking for a Keeper.  Please contact Trevor Smith at 780-910-0447 or email t.j.smith@shaw.ca… Read more »

Treasurer Position is Vacant

We held our AGM on Tuesday, October 21st.  We are pleased to announce our new President Vern LeMoignan, our new 1st… Read more »