Welcome to EMSA Mill Woods!

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Mill Woods Soccer is part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and as such is dedicated to the development of youth soccer.

We are proud to be able to provide soccer programs for all ages and skill levels including our Premier Tier 1, 2, 3 Club, SELECTS FC”.

OFFICE HOURS Tuesday to Friday Noon to 5pm
OFFICE CLOSED Friday May 27, 2016



Kickoff Classic Tournament Head Quarters

Tournament Head Quarters is located at the Pavillion on Mill Woods Park (next to the Artificial Turf) and is accessible by… Read more »

URGENTLY need Volunteers for our Tournaments!

For more information on how we can use your help, please CLICK HERE!


Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) has a Pocket Concussion Tool Handout, CLICK HERE  

4 Ways Yelling at Referees is Hurting Our Children

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