ASA Soccer Parent of the Month

July Soccer Parent of the Month

 Meet July’s Soccer Parent of the Month: Paw Law Gay, Edmonton, AB

Paw Law’s favourite COBS bread is the Chicken and Spinach Baguette Sandwich

“Here’s the deal: Paw Law is a sister, not a mom, but she does all the things a mom is supposed to do. She drives the kids to every single soccer game and stays to cheer/help coach the team. Her commitment to the team is crazy! She goes above and beyond – from getting them practice shirts and team sweaters to making sure all the girls are happy and taken care of. If any player ever has a hard time getting to games or practices, she drives out of the way to get the kids so they can play with the team.

She’s been helping with her sister’s U12 team for 3 seasons now. The girls on that team adore her. She’s younger so she’s connects with them a little bit better, plus being the one female coach, the girls go to her for advice. She does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that no one really talks about.  For example, this year she got a sponsor and got all the girls and coaches hoodies (which the girls are super excited about), she does all the bookings for photos and fun activities, and takes care of parents and making sure we are up to date on everything.

She also coached a U8 team for the first time this year. A few of the girls on the team were from on an indoor team together and […] one of the parents approached Paw Law to help with the team. She was more than happy to give up her time to help the little girls learn to play soccer. This was just volunteering because none of her siblings were on the team.

She an amazing young lady. Always has a smile on her face. She loves the girls so very much and you can see it. This girl deserves more than just a recognition.”

Congratulations Paw Law, on behalf of COBS Bread and Alberta Soccer!