Mill Woods Soccer Association (EMSA Mill Woods) operates in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA). EMSA Mill Woods was established in 1979 and started its first season with only 250 players and three communities. It now includes all eleven communities in Mill Woods, The Meadows, Ellerslie, Summerside(Horizon) and Beaumont and operates year round soccer programming. The EMSA Mill Woods soccer program, both indoor and outdoor, continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. During the Outdoor Season, EMSA Mill Woods had over 2,300 children and youth registered to play soccer. The Indoor Season involved approximately 1,800 community-based players.

Financial Accountability

All the money raised by Mill Woods Soccer is invested directly back into its soccer program. This distinguishes EMSA Mill Woods from many other soccer zones, which use the funds collected for registration to supplement or subsidize other (non-soccer) programs in their community leagues.


Mill Woods Soccer Association is operated almost exclusively through volunteers – coaches, team managers, event coordinators, Board members, and many more. EMSA Mill Woods is extremely proud of its volunteers and is tremendously grateful to them for their effort.


EMSA Mill Woods believes that the welfare of its players is “Number One Priority”. To that end, EMSA Mill Woods insists that each of its coaches must go through a thorough screening process, which involves a Security/Police check. Whenever anyone involved in EMSA Mill Woods has a difficulty or concern, the primary guidelines used to resolve the situation and make difficult decisions are:

Is this good for the child?
Is this good for Mill Woods Soccer?
 Is this good for Soccer in general?

Mission Statement

The Mill Woods Soccer Association, delivered almost exclusively by and through volunteers, exists to promote, develop and govern the soccer program on behalf of its member communities.

It provides, wherever possible, soccer playing opportunity for every youth in its zone, regardless of gender, skill, ability level, race or age.

We are committed, through ongoing development and training, to constantly improve our program so that it is enjoyable for our players, their parents, coaches, and our countless volunteers.

Vision Statement

Serving our communities, with progressive development and learning, for the enjoyment of the game at all levels.