This Policy and Procedure (P & P) manual has been developed by the EMSA Mill Woods Board to enhance the capability of Mill Woods Soccer Association (EMSA Mill Woods) to better serve its soccer-program clients. It is intended to:

  • guide the processes undertaken by EMSA Mill Woods in its daily business;
  • better structure or systematize key activities of EMSA Mill Woods;
  • make the EMSA Mill Woods program more open and accountable; and
  • orient new Board members or volunteers.

The manual is intended to be a “work in progress” and evolve over time. It should be reviewed at least once annually by the Board and revised appropriately.

The manual has three key sections: Governance, Zone Administration, and Zone/Team Operation. Each section includes its own related policies, followed by one or more procedures.

  • “Governance,” or how EMSA Mill Woods governs its operations, relating specifically to the operation of the EMSA Mill Woods board and executive, has policies numbered sequentially from 100 to 199.
  • “Zone Administration,” or how EMSA Mill Woods administers its general or daily operations, has policies #200-299.
  • “Zone/Team Operation,” or how EMSA Mill Woods governs its soccer-specific activities and the activities of teams operating within EMSA Mill Woods, is covered by policies #300-399.

Each Policy defines a specific and key Board-approved decision. Where appropriate, policies have specific “procedures” that define more specifically how that policy is to be implemented. Procedures have the same # as the policy to which they relate, except that procedure numbers is preceded by the letter “P”.

A flexible numbering system of Policies was designed to allow future expansion. Each policy has its main number (#101 for Code of Ethics) and may followed by up to two sets of numbers (e.g., #101.00.00). Should a new policy be created to fit under policy #101, it would be numbered #101.1, followed by #101.2 and so on.

You are encouraged to read this manual and follow it as appropriate. Suggestions to improve it are welcome.

EMSA Mill Woods Policy and Procedure Manual Revised September 2018
Updated P208 Coaching Staff Restrictions August 31, 2015