This Policy and Procedure (P & P) manual has been developed by the EMSA Mill Woods Board to enhance the capability of Mill Woods Soccer Association (EMSA Mill Woods) to better serve its soccer-program clients. It is intended to:

  • guide the processes undertaken by EMSA Mill Woods in its daily business;
  • better structure or systematize key activities of EMSA Mill Woods;
  • make the EMSA Mill Woods program more open and accountable; and
  • orient new Board members or volunteers.

The manual is intended to be a “work in progress” and evolve over time. It should be reviewed at least once annually by the Board and revised appropriately.

The manual has three key sections: Governance, Zone Administration, and Zone/Team Operation. Each section includes its own related policies, followed by one or more procedures.

  • “Governance,” or how EMSA Mill Woods governs its operations, relating specifically to the operation of the EMSA Mill Woods board and executive, has policies numbered sequentially from 100 to 199.
  • “Zone Administration,” or how EMSA Mill Woods administers its general or daily operations, has policies #200-299.
  • “Zone/Team Operation,” or how EMSA Mill Woods governs its soccer-specific activities and the activities of teams operating within EMSA Mill Woods, is covered by policies #300-399.

Each Policy defines a specific and key Board-approved decision. Where appropriate, policies have specific “procedures” that define more specifically how that policy is to be implemented. Procedures have the same # as the policy to which they relate, except that procedure numbers is preceded by the letter “P”.

A flexible numbering system of Policies was designed to allow future expansion. Each policy has its main number (#101 for Code of Ethics) and may followed by up to two sets of numbers (e.g., #101.00.00). Should a new policy be created to fit under policy #101, it would be numbered #101.1, followed by #101.2 and so on.

You are encouraged to read this manual and follow it as appropriate. Suggestions to improve it are welcome.

EMSA Mill Woods Policies and Procedures Revised August 2019