Game Day Information

Team Officials on Coaching Bench

In Mill Woods Soccer league play, up to 4 (four) team officials are allowed on the bench, one of which must be the same gender as the team.

It is mandatory for all teams to have at least one bench attendant or coaching staff member who is the same gender as the team.

Late Arrival and Failure to Show

A team will not be considered present if there are fewer than three (3) for U4/U5 and four (4) for U7, registered players signed on the game roster sheet.

A team not showing at the scheduled kickoff time will forfeit the game and will lose the right to a reschedule. The missing team is given a 10 minute grace period.

The team that showed up must email indicating that the other team did not show.

If both teams fail to show the game will go down as not played and will not be rescheduled.

Notice of No-Show

If you know that your team cannot make a regularly scheduled game or an automatic rescheduled game, you MUST give Mill Woods Soccer 48 hours notice.

Please note that if you do not meet the requirement for a rescheduled game and your team notifies Mill Woods Soccer about a no-show, then the game will go down as a forfeit and the game will NOT be rescheduled and your team loses the right to that game.