Game Day Weather

City of Edmonton – Field Status

The City of Edmonton determines every day at 4:00p (weekdays) and 10:00a (weekends) if the City of Edmonton fields are playable. The City of Edmonton has the final determination on this.

Every coach/manager/assistant coach/parent MUST check the status of the City fields before each and every game (if they weather has been bad) to determine if the fields are open or closed.

The status of the field can be checked at or by phone at: 780.496.4999, dial 1

You can also subscribe to e-mail notifications with the City of Edmonton.

City fields are CLOSED

If the City of Edmonton closes the fields, the game will be replayed as per the Automatic Reschedule Process. See your schedule for details

City fields are OPEN


If weather is bad and the City fields are OPEN, you are directed to look at the EMSA Mill Woods website.  The zone has the right and authority to cancel the games.  If the zone cancels games, it will only be applicable for U5-U11 teams.  Please ensure you check the website at 4:00pm as any change in game status by EMSA Mill Woods will be updated and posted by then.

If fields are open and zone does not cancel the game each team must attend the game at the game time (kickoff time) and have the minimum number of players present.


If the coaches mutually agree that the field is unplayable for the following reasons:

  • Large amounts of pooling water on field
  • 30/30 lightning (see lightning policy)

then the game can be abandoned.


If the game has been abandoned then the following has to happen:

  • You must email to indicate the field is unplayable or the game was abandoned as per the lightning policy.


The game can follow the automatic reschedule procedure as long as the minimum number of players was reached for both teams.


If the field does not meet the two conditions noted above (pooling water or lightning) then the game MUST go ahead. If you have fewer than the required number of player at the field then the game will NOT be rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: rain is not a reason for abandoning the game. Thunder and lightning must be present.