Clinics and Courses

EMSA Mill Woods is dedicated to training its volunteer coaches. This is done through a variety of courses and mentorship programs already in place with EMSA Mill Woods. Watch this area often for updates on coaching courses, programs, and technical academies.

Mill Woods Soccer reimburses the cost of Technical Courses for Mill Woods Coaches upon successful completion.

Albert Soccer Association Workshops

For this upcoming 2021 Outdoor Alberta Soccer Association is providing COMMUNITY  COACH WORKSHOPS free for now (subject to change), those workshops are designed for grassroots community coaches (who must be 16+ years old to participate).

At the coach registration link ( the video walks through how a candidate registers for the courses. Please follow all the instructions listed on the above link and to register for the free courses you have to use the links on the registration page or listed below:

NOTE: It is very important that the entire theory course, including the submission of the sample coaching session, must be completed OR if the courses go back to the paid model they will be sent back to start from the beginning of the course.

MWSA Technical Courses Outdoor Sessions to be announced soon.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches for all teams are invited – there is no cost to you, our volunteer!  Important, useful, and practical information will be conveyed during these sessions.  These sessions will be age group-specific and will be structured so that Coaches will learn and participate in fun soccer drills/games that have been successful at each specific age group.

Please also use the following links to find other coaching courses:


A minimum of one (1) coach per team participating in the EMSA programs regardless age group, tier, or gender must obtain any coach qualification as follows:

i) Certification by ASA (NCCP Courses)

  •  New coaches will have a one (1) year grace period to take a course to be certified for U5, U7 & U9.  After that grace period they must take an EMSA or ASA coaching course to continue coaching.

Respect in Sports Activity Leaders: All Team Officials are required to take this course effective Outdoor 2021 . It is an online course.

NCCP Coach Certification courses:  We encourage any Coach who plans on staying in our program for a number of years to start the formal certification process.  This certification is the only recognized coaching program for the sport of soccer in Alberta and Canada.  NCCP courses are excellent for any Coach and offer much practical and useful information.   It is an Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) rule that one member of a team proceeding to Provincial competition must have NCCP certification.  To see which course you should take, visit Alberta Soccer Association.

Rule of Two – Rule 13.6 is now enforced in all soccer activities. This encourages safe sport. Click here for the guide.



The NCCP courses will be online for now. This covers the “theory” portion only. To be certified you must also take the “field” portion. The various zones and districts in Alberta, will be hosting the “field” portion once it is allowed by the public health authorities. However, you can get part of your NCCP training done now. The online theory portion is free. There will be a fee for the field portion, and that is dependent on the district or zone who hosts the field portion.

ASA has also created a little tutorial video for participants on the new process which you can view by clicking HERE


How to register for a NCCP course on The Locker – Click here for a demo.



**New** Coach Education makes Licensing Evaluations more accessible

Alberta Soccer’s Coach Education department is excited to announce that it has moved to a video submission process for the C & B License evaluations. This has been done to create a more flexible process for candidates, who can adapt the evaluations to their schedule and work with teams/players they already know in a familiar setting. Candidates will be linked directly to an evaluator and will go through both a pre-brief and de-brief (once the video is reviewed).

For more information on the new process, please check out our website at:

Questions that are not answered on the web-pages linked to above can be directed to Claire Paterson at



A concussion is an injury to the brain and this injury can be quite serious.  Any blow to the head, face, neck or body, which causes a sudden jarring of the head, can cause a concussion. As an example a ball to the head or face, being checked into the boards in hockey.   A concussion affects a person in the way they may think and their ability to remember things, for a short time. These are not the only symptoms of a concussion. There are others.

Concussions occur in soccer. SWEMSA is concerned and would like to protect the safety of our soccer players. The first step in this process is education. Coaches and parents and players should review the information below. Here are some pdf files for immediate reference as well as some in depth reading. Thank you for being concerned enough to look into this matter.

Alberta Soccer Concussion Protocol & Policy (Approved Januaury 2016)

Concussion Response Tool – Parents, Guaradians, Coaches

Concussion Handbook For Parents

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

Facts About Concussion & Brain Injuries

Heading Policy

How to Properly head the ball for U13 and up

To be used for U13 and up!


The “11+” is an injury prevention programme that was developed by an international group of experts based on their practical experience with different injury prevention programmes for amateur players aged 14 or older.
It is a complete warm-up package and should replace the usual warm-up prior to training.

Teams that performed the “11+” regularly at least twice a week had 37% fewer training injuries and 29% fewer match injuries. Severe injuries were reduced by almost 50%. This study was published in the British Medical Journal in 2008.  We encourage all teams in our zone to adopt the U11+ program.

11+ Warm Up Exercises

11+ Warm Up Program


If one of your players has an injury that actually takes them out of the game such as concussion, broken limb or serious injury of any nature, please fill out the Injury Report Form below and email it to Angie at

Injury Report Form

Mill Woods Soccer Online Coaching – Grass Roots Soccer

EMSA Mill Woods encourages all coaches to continue to develop their skills and teach soccer to youth at the age appropriate level of technical skills and game play tactics. The following documents are designed by the Canadian Soccer Association to assist all coaches with these guidelines:

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 6 to 7

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 8 to 9

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 10 to 12