MWSA is a volunteer run organization, parent volunteers are required to make the program a success.

Teams are coached by parent/sibling volunteers.  No experience is necessary. All we need is a willing volunteer who wants to learn how to encourage and teach our players the skills necessary.

  • Coaching courses are available and MWSA reimburses all of our Coaches for the cost of coaching courses required.

NOTICE: All coaching staff must register as a team official in the EMSA Soccer Portal. This includes any Community or Premier coaches as well as Managers, Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches.

Coaching Multiple Teams:

If you would like to be a team official for multiple teams, you MUST submit a team official registration for each team. Please contact your community league if you have any questions.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the EMSA Soccer Portal.

All Team officials will only be put onto a team once they have completed a Valid Security clearance and submitted to EMSA Mill Woods and registered as a team official on the EMSA Soccer Portal.