Respect Your Refs

Indoor Rules:

U5 Indoor Laws  updated August 2018

U7 Mini Rules Regs Indoor 2018 2019 updated July 2018

U9 and U11 EMSA Rule Modifications Indoor 2018 2019 updated July 2018

Rules of Indoor Soccer 2018-19

Rules of Indoor Soccer 2018-19 – Summary Of Changes(please refer back to the EMSA rules and regs as some of these rule vary depending on age group)

Outdoor Rules:

FIFA Laws of the Game 


Sideline Placement for Teams and Spectators

U9 St Richard – Field Setup

U9 and U11 Scores and Standings (Mercy rule) Game scores and standings will be kept. 
Mercy Rule will be in effect. No more than a 5 goal spread. For example, if a team wins 12-3 the score will be inputted 8-3 online and on the scoreboard. The referees will indicate the mercy rule score on the game sheets and that is the score that needs to be inputted on the EMSA Mill Woods website. For teams that have schedules with seeding rounds, the seeding will be based on the mercy rule game score, not the actual game scores.

Canada Lightning Danger Map