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Thinking of coaching but don’t know much about soccer?

Experience not required! 

Most of our coaches start out with lots of enthusiasm and very little soccer knowledge, so do not let lack of soccer knowledge stop you from signing up to coach. We do require that all coaches have a valid Criminal Record Check on file with EMSA Mill Woods.

We pay for our coaches to take the CSA/ASA Long Term Player Development Coaching Courses (formerly called NCCP Courses) or the EMSA Courses. These courses are interesting, fun, hugely informational, helpful and definitely worth a few hours of your time.


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A concussion is an injury to the brain and this injury can be quite serious.  Any blow to the head, face, neck or body, which causes a sudden jarring of the head, can cause a concussion. As an example a ball to the head or face, being checked into the boards in hockey.   A concussion affects a person in the way they may think and their ability to remember things, for a short time. These are not the only symptoms of a concussion. There are others.

Concussions occur in soccer. SWEMSA is concerned and would like to protect the safety of our soccer players. The first step in this process is education. Coaches and parents and players should review the information below. Here are some pdf files for immediate reference as well as some in depth reading. Thank you for being concerned enough to look into this matter.

Signs & Symptoms Chart Click here

Fact Sheet For Coaches Click here

Facts About Concussion & Brain Injuries Click here

Guidelines for Athletes Click here

Guidelines for Coaches Click here

Guidelines for Parents Click here