Clinics and Courses

EMSA Mill Woods is dedicated to training its volunteer coaches. This is done through a variety of courses and mentorship programs already in place with EMSA Mill Woods. Watch this area often for updates on coaching courses, programs and technical academies.

Mill Woods Soccer pays the cost of Technical Courses for Mill Woods Coaches.

MWSA Technical Courses Indoor Sessions  to be announced soon.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches for all teams are invited – there is no cost to you, our volunteer!  Important, useful and practical information will be conveyed during these sessions.  These sessions will be age group specific and will be structured so that Coaches will learn and participate in fun soccer drills/games that have been successful at each specific age group.

Please also use the following links to find other coaching courses:


Starting the 2013 Outdoor Season, a minimum of one (1) coach per team participating in the EMSA programs regardless age group, tier, or gender must obtain any coach qualification as follows;
i) Certification by ASA (ASA / NCCP Courses)
ii) Certification by EMSA
 New coaches will have a one (1) year grace period to take a course to be certified for U4, U6 & U8. After that grace period they must take an EMSA or ASA coaching course to continue coaching.

NCCP Coach Certification courses

We encourage any Coach who plans on staying in our program for a number of years to start the formal certification process.  This certification is the only recognized coaching program for the sport of soccer in Alberta and Canada.  Coaches that have 1-2 years experience or have played the game for several years would find these courses very beneficial and a real “eye opener”.  Please verify with your community if they will reimburse the course fee.  NCCP courses are excellent for any Coach and offer much practical and useful information.  It is an Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) rule that one member of a team proceeding to Provincial competition must have NCCP certification.  To learn more about the courses, visit the ASA web site.

Active Start (U4-U6) – Click here to register.

FUNdamentals (U8)  – Click here to register.

Learn To Train (U10-U12) –  Click here to register.

Soccer For Life (U14-U18) – Click here to register.

The  courses will be very interactive and player-focused, with each course tailored to meet the needs of the player as they develop at different stages of their childhood and in to adulthood. The Alberta Soccer Association encourages clubs and districts to be proactive and promote these new learning opportunities to your coaches. Especially your recreational (house league coaches) who have not previously taken coaching courses.



The Edmonton Minor Soccer Association offers a number of coaching courses for the beginner, to the experienced coach.  Courses are three hours in length consisting of one hour of classroom and two hours on the field.  Please wear something comfortable for on-field learning.  Check the EMSA main web site for details on courses offered throughout the year.

 Level 1 – U5 to U9 Community
This course is designed for the development of movement skills needed for all sports, with the main emphasis on soccer.  Games, methodology, and techniques will be given to the participants so that an enjoyable experience will be had by all.  This course will give any new soccer coach the tools needed to run great practices and activity sessions. Wear active clothing and footwear!

 Level 2 – U11 to U19 Community
This course is designed to give the coach ideas on how to improve his team’s technical skill. This would be for the Coach who wishes to improve their team’s enjoyment and success on the field. We will be going over proper techniques on shooting, heading, fitness and ball control. Wear active clothing and footwear!

Check back often for updates!

Mill Woods Soccer Online Coaching – Grass Roots Soccer

EMSA Mill Woods encourages all coaches to continue to develop their skills and teach soccer to youth at the age appropriate level of technical skills and game play tactics. The following documents are designed by the Canadian Soccer Association to assist all coaches with these guidelines:

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 6 to 7

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 8 to 9

Grass Roots Coaching Ages 10 to 12