Registration of Players

EMSA Mill Woods registers children from Beaumont, Burnewood, Ellerslie, Knottwood, Lakewood, Leefield, Millhurst, The Meadows, North Millbourne, Ridgewood, Southwood, Summerside & Woodvale Community Leagues .
Registration will be available February 1, 2019.

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Memberships

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) memberships expire in August each year. The registrant’s immediate family must have purchased a current community league membership in order for the registrant to play MWSA community soccer. The registrant will be required to produce this membership card before he or she is placed on a team.  A community league membership is a requirement for liability insurance. This rule cannot and will not be relaxed.

You must purchase your community league membership from the community in which you live.   Any EFCL community league membership will be honoured by MWSA.  Memberships will be available for purchase on line at or contact your home community.  Out of Edmonton registrations do not require a Community Membership.