How do I register my child in soccer?
How do I register my child in soccer?

Mill Woods Soccer Association organises soccer for the following Communities:

Beaumont (fees & payment process are set by Beaumont Soccer Association), Burnewood, Ellerslie, Fulton Meadows, Knottwood, Lakewood, Leefield, Millhurst, North Millbourne, Ridgewood, Southwood, Summerside, The Meadows, and Woodvale.

We continue to try and make our soccer program better each year. It is our volunteers that make our program a success. We hope that everyone continues to appreciate them as much as we do!

  • The Indoor Season runs  mid October to end of January with a break in December for Community teams. The Premier Club Program will play till the end of February.
  • The players are generally scheduled for 12-14 games depending on the number of teams in the pools.
  • Teams play once a week and generally get one practice a week (based on gym availability).  Practice days/times are assigned in consideration of Head Coaches preference.  Gyms can be anywhere in the Mill Woods zone.
  • Tentative Community Playing Days: Saturdays and Sundays
  • Confirmation of practice gym location/day/time is not available until after teams have been formed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your Community League Representative/Age Rep.



Cost and Location of Soccer Centres
All individuals (e.g., parents, friends, and other family members) will be required to pay a facility admission fee prior to entering any of the Edmonton Soccer Centres. Pricing is set by the Indoor Facilities and may be subject to change.

Current prices are:
Ages 17 and under – FREE
Ages 65 and over – FREE
Spectators 18 and over – $5 Daily Admission
Spectators 18 and over – $33 Individual Season Pass
(Prices subject to change)

The Individual Season Pass is valid for one person’s admission and could be used within an immediate family (i.e. mother or father on separate occasions). The pass allows only one person’s admission without charge when more than one immediate family member is present.

A valid pass must be shown by each person seeking entry.

Player and Coach Admission Passes are to be used by players and coaches ONLY and are non-transferable. Passes must be shown for admission to the centres.
Games may be played at one of the following centers:
Edmonton South Center- 6520 Roper Road
Edmonton West Center – 17415-106A Ave
Edmonton East Center –  12720 Victoria Trail
Millennium Place-  2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park
Trans Alta Tri-Leisure Center, Spruce Grove-  221 Campsite Road.
(Half way between Highway 16 and 16A)
Servus Credit Union Place- 400 Campbell Road





How do I register my child in soccer?
How do I register my child in soccer?